Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finishing-Up Time?

I am so almost done with my stripey sweater. I'm still unsure of the length, and maybe some of the shaping, but I'm going to block it tomorrow and see if that helps it any. This blocking will commence tomorrow because the temperature is supposed to be around 50, so perhaps it will not take the sweater a week to dry.

So that will be finished, and my awesome grey shawl is finished--at the party on Sunday my friends decided that I was the person they most wanted to be stranded with on a desert island, because I could make useful items including fishing nets and hammocks--and next I need to put the thumbs on my poor wee languishing goldfish mittens, and then I think--I hope--it will be on to the poor wee projects languishing about in bags. If I can finish at least one or two of those, I will feel better about life. (I'm feeling rather crappy about life today, but that's another story.)

Oooh, I am also test-knitting a pair of socks. They are red and they have lace. I'll be finishing those up, too. And then what? Perhaps a pair of orange felted slippers? Perhaps another wrap? I definitely want to make another big flashy wrap, but so far I can't decide on a pattern or a color.

I am also determined to get some potential Christmas gifts done early this year. Now that I know my knittings are v. popular amongst the relatives, I'm thinking I'll do something local-sports-related for the main gift swap, and then maybe something lacy for the handmade one. (Part of me wants to bust out some sort of other craft entirely for the handmade swap, just to freak people out, but let's face it, I am A) good at knitting, and B) lazy, so I probably will just stick with the yarn.)

And who knows what all else? I also want to do a pair of full-fingered Thanos Gloves + Infinity Gauntlet. Because that would be hilarious.

Now I'm just blathering! More soon, hopefully with pictures of a lovely, comfy, dry, striped sweater.

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