Tuesday, February 8, 2011

remember my grey shawl?

My Vernal Equinox Shawl that I knit last fall and that has sat in a lump on my desk since November because the crochet edging is slower than Christmas?

Well, I've picked it up again, and though the crocheting of the edging is not going any faster than it did the first time I tried it, I've at least figured out where the various stitches are supposed to go, so I know when I've lost count. I lose count frequently.

Anyway, I'm about a third done with the edging (FOREVER, I tell you, FOREVER) but I know I will slog on because I would like to wear it to a party this Sunday. I figure as long as I have it done by Saturday morning (which I totally will) I will have time to block it.

Dude. It took me less time to knit a whole damn shawl than it did to convince myself I wanted to do the edging. On the plus side, I had built it up to be such a horrific chore that I've been pleasantly surprised at how not-horrific it is. Well done, me!

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