Wednesday, February 23, 2011

stuff I am knitting!

Do I win a prize for the Most Imaginative Post Title Ever? My apologies.

Anyway, here's what I'm working on now!

I'm test-knitting a pattern for the lovely Greenethumb (oh hey, if you scroll down a bit at that link, you just might see some items you'll recognize!) and here is the toe:

There's some v. pretty lace going on on the rest of the sock.

And here are some stripey mitts I'm making. Just your basic mitt pattern, made awesome by some striping action and Patons Kroy FX. I've had the idea for these mitts in my head since before Christmas, and I'm quite pleased to say that they look just like they looked in my head. This doesn't happen all that often.

These mitts are a Yay Chemo Is Over! present for a friend of mine.

Ugh, and I really, really need to finish the Goldfish Mittens before winter is over, but for some reason I can't gin up any enthusiasm for doing those wee thumbs, even though I very much enjoy the 'magic' of an afterthought thumb.

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