Friday, October 10, 2008

ha ha!

I've finished the first sleeve--a long sleeve, thank you very much--and I'm totally going to have enough yarn. Life is good.

The one small . . . unknown, I guess we'll call it . . . that I have left with the sweater is that I knit the sleeve up so it just hits my wrist. I think it will block out a little longer. It had better. I don't like the dilemma of oh, if I knit it long enough, it'll grow too much when blocked, but then neither do I want to be stuck with an overly short sleeve . . . well, I guess it's not like I won't have enough yarn, so I can always unpick the cuff and do another repeat of the lace.

Blocking will be interesting: I've never blocked anything that wasn't in flat pieces, so we'll see how this goes. (In a few days: I am intending this to be a two-sleeved sweater.) It will be especially interesting--to me, at least--because I want the body to block out wider and the sleeves to be longer. Hopefully I can make this happen.

And yes, I bought yarn today. Some Trekking Handart in Tundra, and some Trekking pro natura in a lovely faded teal sort of shade. And before you think I'm addicted to Trekking, I'm really not, it's just that that store doesn't carry scads of sock yarn, and the Trekking usually has the best colors. I hope the colors in the handart knit up nicely. I would know already, but I can't find my damn size 2 needles. I have two sets, and like a moron, I store them together and now can't find either. Oh wah, my life is so hard. :)

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