Saturday, October 4, 2008

More February Bitching

Ok. I took out the eyelets on the sleeves. Hopefully this will A) make the sleeves not ridiculous, and B) not make the whole top of the sweater look ridiculous.

At this point, only time will tell, because I don't think I'm gonna feel like trying it on today. Putting it back on the needle after it's been on the waste yarn always feels like so much work.

Who knows, though, there's a hockey game for me to knit through today--that's right! It's hockey season! Knit Stanley Cups for everyone!--so maybe I'll get so much of the body done this afternoon that I'll want to try it on.

God, I hope it fits. Because it will A) be super-cute and useful, and B) mean I have knit up a bunch of yarn that's been lying around for a while, so I'll be able to start pondering my next large project for me. Well, ok, the next project is going to be some sort of short cardigan with the pale green alpaca that's lurking on top of my dresser, but after that, I mean. One thing I do know: the post-alpaca sweater is gonna have cables. Lots of 'em. I love me some cables.

(I also need to purchase some man-colored sock yarn, because the boy I was messing around with this summer just sent me a rather excellent--if very late--birthday present, so I think I'll have to knit him some fingerless gloves. If I can find a suitable color. He's picky.)

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