Friday, October 3, 2008

Le sigh

Besides the not-being-able-to-count problem I'm having this week (it even reared its ugly head when I was baking, leaving me with cookies of a very weird texture) I have also been attacked by a February Lady Sweater with GINORMOUS SLEEVES. It's sad when the rest of the top fits beautifully, but then the sleeves would still fit me if my arms doubled in size.

Once again, I blame it on my shoulders. If they were wider, they'd fill things out a little better. Or I could blame it on my boobs. They could do me a favor and shrink. And seriously, those of you with ACTUAL large bosoms may feel free to laugh at me right now. It's just that I'm disproportionate enough for it to make me want to scream.

So there's been some ripping back on the sweater, and I'm going to take out some of the eyelet increases on the shoulders, and hope that will make it small enough for me to tolerate. Otherwise I'm gonna have to pull the whole thing out and do some finagling with the cast-on numbers, and did I mention I can't do math this week? Like the time I added 21 and 21 and got 52? And then cut fringe to that effect? Hot mess, that's me.

But at least I can name six out of nine Supreme Court Justices. My mom was quizzing me as to things Sarah Palin probably wouldn't be able to answer. I couldn't remember Stevens, Breyer, and Souter. Ah well. I know them now!

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