Tuesday, October 7, 2008

sorry, no pictures yet!

Now I'm at the bit of the sweater, which happens with almost every sweater I make, where I'm all, "Oh crap, will I have enough yarn?" I tend to like my sweaters long. I was really hoping to have enough yarn to do long sleeves, instead of three-quarter, but it looks like that will be right out.

Or I get another skein of yarn and don't give a shit that it's a completely different dye lot. There is a strong chance that I'll do this. Shh, don't tell anyone.

I will also most likely be heading to the yarn store on Friday--I have an audition nearby, so naturally I'll have to stop in. Ok, and I really do need to get some tiny needles so I can finish mending a sweater for my mom. There was collar removal, and now there has to be some new, looser-collar (or really, binding off) attachment. And I need teensy needles. Oh darn. Shopping! You know this means I'm gonna come home with more sock yarn. You know it.

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