Wednesday, October 15, 2008

oh, the suspense!

So I blocked my February Lady Sweater this morning. You know, because I wanted bits of it to be different sizes, like I said, and I wanted the lace to open up a bit. Plus some of the yarn was kinda scraggly from having been so many other things, and it really needed a bath to help it out.

And now I'm afraid the damn thing is going to be enormous. I guess we shall find out tonight--and the damn thing had better dry by tonight, because it's on my bed, which is the only largish flat space I have.

Damn, I wish I could find my #2s so I could make some socks. I find the #1s make a slightly too rough fabric out of Trekking. :( If I were two sets of #2 knitting needles, where would I be?

Oh, hey, I think I've got a picture somewhere . . .

My sweater, being mysterious. (In real life, it's actually teal with some purple heathering.)

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