Friday, January 2, 2009

70's Couch Socks!

Ok, it wasn't actually a couch, it was a loveseat, but it had stripes freakishly reminiscent of these socks.

The pattern is your basic Plain Sock, 56 stitches on #2 needles, with an eye of partridge heel, because I think they're cool. Oh, in Patons Kroy Sock Stripes, or whatever it's called. As usual, I seem to have lost the ballband. I believe the colorway is "Deep Sierra Stripes." Something with sierra in it, anyhow.

Though I think these socks are vaguely ugly, I do rather love them, and there's a part of me that wants to run out and get like 16 balls of this yarn and knit up a 70'stastic sweater with a slightly larger gauge than the socks. I plan on not letting it.

I will probably use this sock yarn again, if Michaels' is a dear and keeps carrying it. It's not the softest thing in the world, but it's warm as hell, and I would totally be down with using the solid colors for Manly Socks.

Also, they go nicely with my chair.

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Keyamoni said...

The shape of the socks are really nice.