Saturday, January 24, 2009

mmm, sweaters.

I think I may be coming out of my hat haze. For the past day or so, I've been having sweater urges. I haven't made anything 'big' in a while, so that probably accounts for it. Gosh, was the last sweater I made in July? No, I did my February Lady Sweater, that's right, but that one knit up so fast that I don't think it counts.

So. Sweater planning time! Which is always fun, only I am majorly broke (though this major brokeness is in part due to the fact that omg I think my student loans will FINALLY be paid off in a month or two, whee no debt!) and so can't quite afford a sweater's worth of yarn. However, I do have a less-than-successful sweater lurking in my dresser, and I could unravel that bad boy without feeling a twinge. Ha ha!

The only question is, what kind of sweater do I want? Of course I WANT to make a big ol' piece of Aran gloriousness, but I know my sweater doesn't have quite enough yarn. I'd also like to do something with colorwork, but again, only one color in the soon-to-be-ex-sweater, and that color is a burnt orange. (Of course, I think I've got a skein of brown lurking in one of the bins . . . ooh. That might be fun.)

I wonder what I'll end up making? I know I've got a bunch of sweaters favorited on Ravelry . . . I'll have to go back and refresh my memory.

I also kind of want a vest. I love the kind with a low scoopy neckline and two or three buttons right under the bosoms, only I know this would make me look like a pair of boobs on legs, and happy though that would make a good portion of the world, I don't think I want to go there.

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