Friday, January 2, 2009

why don't I have any pretty acrylic?

You heard me. Now that Christmas is over, and the flu is over, and I have finished my 70's Couch Socks (photos eventually, I'm sure) I'm ready to move on to this most excellent Hat Trick KAL.

Why am I pining for pretty acrylic, you ask? Well, my grandma's birthday is coming up, and she's the sort that bundles up, so hey, I could totally make her a hat as a gift. Only I'm pretty sure she's not the hand washing sort, so something that won't be wrecked by the washing machine is a must.

And I've been trying not to buy any yarn right now, because really, I have lots. (Most of you would laugh at my meager stash. Hard. But I'm poor and stuff. Hell, I even did my Christmas knits from the ol' stash. Go me! Anyway.) I just have no pretty acrylic. I have some cotton that might work if I did stripes . . . and probably some acrylic that would be ok if I did stripes . . . but I was feeling like doing some kind of simple cables, because they always impress people.

Anyway. We'll see. Maybe I'll dig around tomorrow and discover something I didn't know I had. That would be AWESOME. Everyone cross your fingers for me!

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