Saturday, September 26, 2009

I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.

If I keep on with this lace knitting concept (which it looks like I probably will,) I'm starting to think I need a couple of things:

1. Blocking wires. Dear Lord, so many pins. Such crinkly edges. Given my general lack of precision, I think blocking wires are probably a good idea.

2. A bigger bed. I'm not kidding. I have your basic twin, and I just did the Fastest Pinning-Out Ever of the Seat-Of-The-Pants Opera Shawl, and I totally ran out of room. I need about six more inches of length. I'm going to have to let this part dry, and then block out the last crumpled-up edge on its own later. Thank God laceweight dries quickly.

I feel that maybe if I had blocking wires, it wouldn't be such a pain in the rear to shift the whole thing, but as it is now, no WAY do I have time to unpin everything and re-pin it. Especially since I have an audition at two.

Ok. I need to put some makeup on my face. Pictures to come (of the shawl, not my face) later, as always.

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