Saturday, September 12, 2009


You'd think that if you bought two balls of the same stripey sock yarn at the same time, from a store that doesn't carry tons of stock, and so probably only ordered a few balls of the stuff to begin with, you'd think they'd be the same, right? Wrong.

Now, this would not normally be a problem, because it's not really like I care if things match, but I'm making a pair of Della Mitts , and I was all "Oh, I can use this orangey-brown-y stripey mix that I bought approximately three years ago to make socks out of, and then I made gloves instead, so I have a whole bunch left over." Only I made the first mitt out of the remainder of the first ball, and now that I've started the second mitt from the second ball . . . not so much. The second ball is lacking a whole solid dark orange repeat, and the whole effect is much more brown.

Sigh. This would also not normally be a problem, except that I already have a pair of gloves out of this yarn, so I was going to use these as a gift. I imagine that most people I know care about matching more than I do.

So really, what this means is that I'm going to have to knit a THIRD mitt as a mate to the second one, and I don't know, unravel the first one, or find some brown yarn and make a fourth one and wear the first and fourth ones myself, and say screw you, people who like to match.

Anyway, photo of the beginning of the first mitt:

They're very cute, and very quick to make, and they fit really well once I went down a needle size. (They fit ME, that is. I have miniature wrists, so normal-sized people will want to knit them according to the pattern.)

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