Friday, September 25, 2009

random update on random things.

Ok! Opera tomorrow, y'all!

My wrap is nearly finished. I should be knitting on it right now, but clearly I am not. I am lacking in Quality TV to watch whilst I knit it. Dear Hulu, why must we wait until the 29th for the new episode of House?

In other news, I cleaned yesterday. There was much throwing out and digging through boxes, and uh-oh. I discovered some nearly-finished embroidery projects, y'all. And they're really nice. Like, I was seriously impressed with my bad self. So now I know I'm going to have to finish those and frame them or something. (I'll take pictures for you at some point! No fear!)

On the Epic Poetry Scarf front, I've looked through some Shakespeare and have a few candidates. My mom managed to winkle out of my brother the info that Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream are two of his favorites. I'm thinking that most of Hamlet would be a bit depressing to wear all winter (can you imagine February with "To be or not to be" wrapped around your neck? Dismal.) but I may be able to find something in Midsummer.

Oh hey, the sun's out! I think I'll take some pictures.


Elisabeth said...

There are some very quotable non-depressing lines in Hamlet! What about "to thine own self be true"?


kate said...

I'm looking for a great big chunk of text, though, and if you go too much further than one sentence, Hamlet tends to get depressing.

Maybe I'll see what all goes with "to thine own self be true." :)