Monday, September 7, 2009

manly colors?

Remember that trip to the yarn shop of a couple of days ago? Well. The store is lovely, with a big selection and good light and generally just all kinds of good stuff. If I had just been browsing, I don't know what might have happened. I might have had to sell a kidney or something.

Anyway, I looked at teal yarn, and was very very close to buying some Brown Sheep Naturespun, but then the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine caught my eye, and dude, I just love the way that stuff feels. So I bought some.

I'm still not entirely certain if the grey (which is going to be the letters of the Epic Poetry Scarf) will provide enough contrast with the green, but then again, subtle is ok, right? The purple-ish color (and they're pretty accurate) is for Important Words.

The next things I have to do are A) pick a poem, and B) decide how the heck to knit this. I've got that last mostly figured out. There's been some swatching. It's going to be a tube. But mostly I don't think dpns are the way to go here. I may have to do two circulars, which will mean purchasing two circulars. So now I have to decide what lengths I should get, etc.

However, all that is moot until I A) figure out what my brother's favorite poem is, or B) just pick one that I think anyone would like. Maybe I'll just do Shakespeare's Crispin's Day speech. That would be kind of awesome to wear.

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