Tuesday, December 7, 2010

getting there.

1. I now have a body and two sleeves (technically almost three, I knit most of a first one before I decided it was too small, and I'd BETTER put the correct ones on the sweater) finished for the Hubris Sweater. I've 'only' got the colorwork yoke left, which is theoretically the 'fun' part, so I'm looking forward to it, right? Right.

2. I've got one finished Retro Sock. I'm planning to mainly work on the second one at my concerts next week. There will be a lot of sitting around, and the Retro Sock is portable and requires very little counting.

3. Approximately two rows have been knit on this year's Brilliant Joke Gift. Why do I never think of these in the spring or something? Anyway, it's merely a glove, so I should be able to hack it out in a day or two.

4. One black-and-gold hat is completely finished. I will probably give it to my big brother. If I have time, I will knit another one (there's plenty of yarn left!) and give it to . . . someone else.

5. Because I can't seem to resist knitted comedy, I acquired another item on my To Do list. My dad and I feel that a tiny sweater with his department's logo on it would be a hilarious edition to his office tree, so a tiny sweater it is. I just have to do the arms and the logo on it, but I went with v. small needles to knit it, and it's taking longer than I would like.

6. Am slightly worried about my Handmade Grab Bag Gift. I've got most of one mitt done, but it takes me a while to do it (it's more colorwork, apparently I am all about the colorwork this Christmas) and I'm trying to decide if I should keep going with it or chuck it and do a pair of stripey gloves or a quick hat. I figure my deadline for bailing and doing a hat is Dec. 20. I can do a hat between the 20th and the 24th.

Ok. Enough time wasted on the interwebz! Must get back to knitting!

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