Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have a problem.

The first step to recovery is admitting it, right?


See, I'm kind of addicted to this lace knitting thing. Like, I kind of want Heirloom Knitting enough to (almost) commit homicide. This isn't good, my friends.

Then again, it's probably a little less excruciating on the pocketbook than my mad passion for Aran sweaters, since you can get perfectly decent lace yarn for under $20, and it keeps you occupied for a good long while.

The funny thing is that I'm still feeling like this today, because yesterday had at least two, maybe three, Epic Lace Disasters. I couldn't count to save my life, and it didn't matter if I was watching a hockey game or not. And then, when I finally went to bed all discouraged, just before I fell asleep I thought, "You idiot! The reason you have that extra stitch is because you're supposed to knit THREE together there, not TWO." At least it'll be easy to fix today, right? And the mangle will hopefully even out a bit in blocking. And we won the hockey game, so I guess it all turned out ok in the end.

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