Friday, April 24, 2009


Remember my last letter to me, where I said not to buy any more variegated yarn, because I don't like it?


Guess what I just bought.


Here's the tale: I went out to find some sock yarn for my mama's Mother's Day gift. I was hoping for something solid, so I could get all pattern-y, but alas, there were no solid colors that were really jumping out at me--ok, there were a few, but they were all greens and blues, close to the colors of socks I've already made for the mama.

Sigh. So I ended up with some Malabrigo in a sort of purple-y something, which is quite lovely, but I don't know if it should be socks, I usually feel a bit better with some nylon in socks, and some Dream In Color Smooshy in Butter Peeps, which is maybe the greatest name for a colorway ever, and is also gorgeous.

And they're both pretty much variegated. Hopefully I will not hate them. I'm thinking I'll make up the Butter Peeps for Mother's Day: the colors are bright and springy, and it's all pale enough that it won't obscure a pattern.

But sigh. I totally don't listen to myself. Ever. There was some Collinette I really liked, which I could just have made plain socks out of, but I'm all paranoid about the yardage in Jitterbug now, and I didn't want to buy two of the same thing . . . anyway. I do like what I bought. And the store, Bloomin' Yarns, is freakin' adorable and has lots of good stuff. It's a good thing it's not particularly accessible by public transportation, or I would be there all the time.

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