Friday, April 17, 2009

i might be the world's slowest purler.

Right. So during my mad procrastination of fitting the straps on my linen tank (but it's starting to get warmish, so maybe soon!) I have started an Aeolian Shawl. I kind of love Knitty for providing such a glorious shawl pattern for free, because, really, I'm too broke to go about purchasing any patterns, even the super gorgeous ones.

To contribute to the shoestring-budget-ness of this project, I'm using some blue cashmere that I unraveled from a sweater this winter. So basically, free yarn! Or yarn that can't have cost more than $5 at the thrift store, and I wore the sweater several times. This yarn has been around. It's also turning quite nicely from an old-man sweater to a very feminine shawl. And I do believe there is plenty of it.

For any of you who might be making this shawl, I'm on the eleventh (of twelve) Yucca repeat. That's right, I'm doing the full-size shawl. And lord, the purling is killing me. I'm kind of an awkward purler to begin with, so epic rows of a couple hundred stitches are really not cute. I know I could solve this problem by busting with some combination knitting, but so far have not been that motivated. Would the quicker purling be rendered useless by suddenly awkward knit stitches? I don't know. I'll get around to it sometime.

Anyway, here it is, not really looking like much more than a blob yet. Hopefully better pictures to come soon!

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