Sunday, October 18, 2009


Great, my smallish yarn needle has run off somewhere, and my ginormous one Will Not Do for sewing in glove-finger ends. Or sock ends, for that matter. And when I get around to sewing in Richard III ends, it won't do for that, either.

Grr. The worst part is that I cleaned my crafty area only recently, and didn't see Mr Needle. It could be anywhere! I guess what I should do now is go check the ads in the paper and see if either JoAnn's or Michaels' is having a sale on notion-y type things.

And in actual knitting news, I have finished the first Charybdis sock AND the first Exploded Rainbow Glove. Omg, that yarn is so ridiculous. I think my cousin will love them.

I guess I'd better go knit some Richard now, and finish up Henry IV.

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