Wednesday, October 21, 2009

some soul of goodness

I wish I could remember more than the most obvious bits of Henry V, but I don't. Alas! Anyway, I'm quite enjoying it, and I've got quite a bit of the Disco Scarf done today as a result. I'm gonna try adding purple tomorrow! I hope I like it. On the other hand, if I don't like it, then I have purple yarn that I can make into something else, so really, I win either way.

In other news, I also spent a bit of today dismantling my Favorite Sweater Ever. In case you're wondering what would possess me to do such a mad thing, let me tell you that it was a good ten years old--probably more like twelve--and had holes worn in the elbows. I was never really going to wear it again as it was, and it deserves a new incarnation, though I don't know what that'll be. I think there should be enough to make a sweater of some kind, or a medium-sized shawl, because it was an oversized cabled sweater in its first life. Oh, Favorite Sweater. We had some good, warm times together, didn't we? Now we can have some more!

I'm going to be so sad when I'm done with Henry V! I've really grown fond of David Gwillim, silly haircuts and all. His Henry tends to be a bit understated, but he can get all riled up when he needs to. It's very effective. I liked his Crispin's Day speech a lot. I hope I like Henry VI even half as much.

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