Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pernicious bloodsucker of sleeping men!

You tell 'em, Warwick!

My scarf is definitely pernicious, though not yet a bloodsucker. If it doesn't straighten up with blocking, I'll totally weep and wail and chew the scenery in a way that would do Shakespeare proud.


kathleen said...

I see on Ravelry that you made the Queen Silvia shawl. I started mine and am traveling. I don't have the directions for gathering all the stitches on Row 15 of the center chart. Could you please describe how to do it? I would be so grateful. Your shawl is lovely!! (I can't seem to send a message through Ravelry on my sister's computer) I am AnneJeneer on Ravelry.

kathleen said...

I see that you've sent me a message. I am so sorry to have to communicate with you like this but I cannot get the messaging feature in Ravelry to work on my sister's computer! Will you please respond to