Saturday, October 10, 2009

sucking it up.

So I went out yesterday and bought me a 16-inch size two. (I now have an epic collection of size 2 circular needles, when what I really need is a size 3. Anyway.) The purchase was a sensible one: the process is going along much better when I don't have to struggle with all the flopping needle ends, and there's much less puckering. So yay! $14.50 well spent.

Since the Disco Scarf is not particularly portable, and I'm nearly finished with the gloves I intend to barter to my brother, I've started yet another pair of gloves. I have some ridiculously bright and colorful Trekking left over from a pair of socks, so I've decided to make a Christmas present for a certain cousin of mine who tends to dress, as I do, like a rainbow exploded in her closet. Hopefully this will not cause a riot amongst my other cousins. (If I knit gifts for all of my cousins, and say, did two per Christmas, it would take me close to twenty years. Sorry, cousins.)

The next thing I want to start is my mama's Christmas socks, because they will also be portable. I bought some variegated yarn on purpose this time, because I just want to do something simple, since the Disco Scarf is still a struggle. Of course, I can always make her something more complicated later, if the Disco Scarf really takes off. I've found two patterns I like for the sock yarn, but they're both toe-up, and I don't really have much patience with toe-up. The toe part makes me cranky, and then there's nothing to look forward to at the end except miles and miles of cuff. But I do like the patterns, so we'll see.

And eventually we will see pictures. There's not even an inch of the Disco Scarf yet, so it's not quite worth taking a picture.

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