Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's official.

The mitered-cuff-thingie on the Cut Your Teeth sock looks like poo. At least the one I knit does. I think my squares came out too big--but don't be pointing any gauge fingers, because the rest of the sock fits perfectly.

Since the cuff part is more-or-less grafted on, I'm gonna try to surgically remove it once I get this toe finished. So instead of having a funkily-cuffed sock, I'll have a pretty, if slightly dull, pastel rainbow sock. I'm hoping to recycle the cuff as the brim of a baby hat. If Jenny has a girl, I'm all set.

Boo. Oh well. At least I learned to make mitered squares (and the fun still hasn't worn off them) even if I'm not using them on the sock.

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