Tuesday, May 15, 2007

no surgery yet.

So here's the sock, cuff still attached. I can't quite decide if it's cool or stupid. In my saner moments, I know I really don't have any use for a rainbow-wool elf sock, but there's part of me that likes it. I suppose it can sit around and wait for a bit . . . I still have Mr Pink Sweater and a zillion mitered squares to deal with.

Am also plotting to make my big brother a sweater for his birthday. (Hopefully he will never find this blog and therefore the surprise will not be ruined.) There is a tragic dearth of good man-sweater patterns out there, though. Do I really want to go aran? Almost everything else is dull or frightening. Come on, designers: men like nice sweaters too.

I guess I could try to find the book with the Keanu Reeves Matrix sweater in it. The knitwear was my favorite thing about the movie, and that was well before I because Psycho Knitting Lady.

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Rene' Ardesch said...

Hello, I say leave the tops on the socks. They look like something a pirate would wear to bed. Thats cool!!and sexy..... Good job with the knitting. I'm still interested in a wool cap. Have you thought bout that?? Checking in. Rene'