Thursday, May 10, 2007

recent creations:

Let's hear it for pictures!

Here we go:

This scarf got to be a birthday present. Late, but a birthday present nonetheless. Just mailed it today. It's your v. most basic lace pattern edged with seed stitch. Just something small and brainless to knit while waiting to audition. I freakin' love seed stitch. And moss stitch.

This one is more or less the same (slightly larger needles, slightly less seed stitch) but I'm keeping it. I'd better, since I've already worn it.

And here's my first ever crocheted item! Woo! It also got to be a birthday present. Mmmm, chenille. It's ridiculous, how fast crochet goes. This is not the one I was crocheting while drunk. That one seems to be fucked, though I don't know how much of the fuckery is inebriation and how much is due to the fact that I'm never quite sure which stitch you're supposed to crochet in first after turning. Ah well. We live and we learn.


Fixer said...

We like you too. Nice stuff you're making. And an aside, in my boook, you're far hotter than Indiana Jones ... just sayin'. ;)

malia said...

Very nice stuff. It's nice to see a fellow knitter in the business.