Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Knitting Roundup

With some crochet, because what could be more random? Or, as Miss Battye would say, "It's a kind of knitting."

Anyway. I went to the yarn store and look what I got! Black yarn. Plain ol' black yarn, because my mom wants plain ol' black wool socks. Don't worry, I'll put a discreet but festive pattern in them so I don't die of boredom while knitting them up. The nice yarn store ladies and I had a good laugh over the fact that I will probably go blind or mad while knitting black socks. The things we do to make our mothers happy.
Here are the tiny needles I bought to knit the Maddening Black Socks. Aren't they cuuute? Aren't they small? God, as if I'm not nearsighted enough already.
Some mitered squares. I decided they all had to be outlined in green. This blanket might actually be quite pretty. I have a horrible feeling I'll want to keep it, but no. It's gonna be a present for someone, but I haven't quite decided between three people.
And the crochet! You thought I was kidding, right? Oh no. Not this time. Meet Mr. Second Afghan. I undid the Drunken Fuckery Afghan (that's a brilliant name for a blanket, no?) and made this guy. Am trying to decide what to do with him now. (I still have to sew in an end or two, but we'll just ignore that for now.)

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