Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look! A post about knitting.

Sorry that I fell off the wagon, there. Knitting blogs that have too many non-knitting posts bug me a little. Though come on, you have to do Memorial Day, right? As Terry Pratchett would say, some things are important.

Anyhow. My more complicated projects have been put on the back burner for a bit. I'm doing some truly summer-stocky summer stock, which means you have no time and no brain for anything complicated. So instead of butchering the pattern on my leaf sweater (don't worry, I'll work on it on days off) I'm just doing basic ol' garter stitch bias squares in random old cotton that I have. (Yes, even the miters are a bit much for the brain right now. I'll try to bring them back in a day or two, once I'm used to things.) I can knit them while I'm working on lines, and on breaks, and just whenever I need to soothe my brain. Very zen. And when I'm done I'll have a blanket! Or someone will have a blanket. We shall see. Here are a couple of the squares:
I'm trying to give them different-colored tips so I can have fun little squares-within-squares. Which may be butt-ugly. but who knows? I may turn up a winner yet.

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