Friday, June 1, 2007

That's so square, man.

Right. I think I may have reached my saturation point with the garter squares, and may be hopping back to something more complicated soon. Don't worry, the garter blanket (which may sound sexy, but is really not) will continue on: I can't knit complicated stuff while I learn lines.

I've got a bit of leftover sock yarn in obnoxious blue and white, but I'm curious to see how it knits up on smaller needles than I used last time. If we're lucky, the pattern will be less spastic. And hey, we like the baby socks, right? Plus I know the knitting of a sock will send my newly-met cast members into a frenzy. People tend to freak out when they see anyone knitting anything other than your basic scarf, I've noticed. And it's not really as if knitting a sock is that much harder than a scarf. If you can knit, purl, and count, you can totally knit a sock. Or anything else you want to, for that matter. Branch out, my friends! Knit something stunning and glorious! Knit pants!

So yeah. Possibly tiny blue-and-white socks. Too bad my friend who's a Penn State alum is not among the friends having babies.

Oh, and I knit up some wool squares to send off to this: Rebuilding Greensburg--Block By Block. Blankets for Greensburg, Kansas, y'all. Good stuff.

In other news, it's been a full week since my last yarn purchase. This is probably good, because I am poor, but sometimes when I am frolicking about on the internet and I see all the gorgeous sock yarn people are using . . . oh, I want it. I really do. I may have to quit acting just so I can get a job that supports my knitting addiction.

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