Friday, June 8, 2007

this is weird.

So we all remember how I posted a couple of days ago about how I was going to look into getting a walkman-like device? Portable music/book player? Yeah?

Well, yesterday I'm talking to my mom (who doesn't read this blog) just about whatever, we talk a LOT, and she randomly comes up with the info that she bought my dad an iPod for Christmas last year, and he hasn't used it it because it's too much of a process to load books onto, so do I want it?

Wha? iPod? Me?

Ok. Twist my arm.

I imagine I can deal with the loading books process, right?

I wonder what I should 'think about getting' next? Car? Boyfriend? House? World peace? A President who's not a moron?

That's probably the best choice, right? I shall now look into acquiring a President who's not a moron. If we're lucky, one will show up in three or four days.

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