Tuesday, June 12, 2007

oooh. yellow.

Baby sweater! It's the Knitting Pure and Simple Easy Baby Cardigan. and when they say easy, they mean easy.
The yarn is nothing posh: just a cone of Peaches & Creme yarn from the Wal-Mart, but that stuff gets nice and soft after a wash or two. And you can't beat the price, especially for something that's just going to be spit up on eventually.

I'm gonna make one without the hood, and maybe with some sea-green crochet edging, for another baby.

Small stuff is super fun.

Oh, and I believe the Garter Crack Square Count is up to thirteen. I think the absolute minimum I can go with is 48. But I'm not sure. Like I've said, my math skills are not of the best, though I think all the knitting is making them better. I've always been good at learning stuff if there's a purpose. Just doing problems on a paper always seemed like such a waste of time and graphite.

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Rene' Ardesch said...

Hey Kate, I'm just a looker I guess, have enjoyed reading your blog. You seem like a person I wish I could meet sometime. But, you haven't said anything bout knitting me a wool cap and now its summer and all..........so, I'm guessing that I should leave this part of blog land so as not to come accross as some lurker jerker. Do read my blog though and hopefully we'll catch you in blogland sometime........