Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm still here, El Guapo!

Right. Still alive. Still knitting, more or less. My current show is a son of a bitch, but it's up and running, and I've got a small part in the next show, so plenty of time for knitting. I made a whole Garter Crack Square today during auditions and the first read-through, so things should progress nicely.

I've finished an item or two: the Blacke Sockes are done. Have not photographed them, though, sorry. And I really should try them on because I have a sneaking suspicion that I knitted one a lot looser than the other. Ah well. Surely my mom has one foot bigger than the other, right?

I've also been having some serious yarn-purchasing cravings. So far I've been successful in squashing them, but I really just want to go nuts at KnitPicks. Really really really.

Argh. Must go to bed. My show and a good hearty round of pissed-offedness at my internet connection have worn me out.


Tracy said...

oooh, I've been having those same yarn purchasing cravings. I was thinking of branching out into Have you tried them?

kate said...

I have not tried elann yet. Well, ok, I've browsed. But I'm trying so hard to be good and not buy anything . . .