Wednesday, June 20, 2007

have I mentioned . . .

. . . that I really, really like knitting heels? I get all excited when I'm almost finished with the leg of the sock, because oh boy here comes the heel! Toes are almost as much fun, but not quite.

I haven't tried any toe-up socks yet, and I don't know if I ever will, just because of my heel fetish. I mean, then all the good stuff is done first and it's just dull ol' leg, leg, leg, and then cuff, which doesn't really rev my engines. Nope, top-down socks it will be for me for the forseeable future.

(Hey, let's see how many times we can have 'for' in once sentence! No--one clause! Woo!)

I enjoy top-down sweaters, too, but that's mostly because I'm not a fan of sewing-up. Which goes without saying. Is there anyone out there who gets all excited to sew together the bits of a sweater? And it doesn't count if you get excited because it means you get to wear the sweater soon. No, it has to be the actual process of sewing the pieces together that you love. The actual process of sewing the pieces together usually just makes me curse foully.

In other news, I still haven't decided what, if anything, to make my brother for his birthday. Someone with more skills than I have needs to design some interesting (and by 'interesting' I don't mean 'heinous') man-sweaters.

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