Saturday, August 15, 2009

almost there!

I was going to post some progress pictures of my green sweater, but the fact of the matter is that it's a not-very-large garment done all in garter stitch, and it should be finished--except for buttons--by tomorrow at the latest.

I'm still enthralled by the short rows, I think it's going to fit, and the collar still has the potential to be really cute. SO. Very exciting. And since I know I am completely dreadful about finding buttons--remember my Sourwood Mountain Mitts, anyone? They're still buttonless, and it's been months--I have pretty much resolved to get me to the Awesome Fabric Store for Awesome Buttons. I only need three, so hopefully they won't break the bank.

Not like I'm going to need the sweater for a while, no matter how wee it might be. It's gone and gotten hot again here.

So. Hopefully there will be Finished Sweater Pictures tomorrow or Monday. Yay!


Ok, I uploaded the half-finished pictures, so here's one:

I now have both sleeves finished and am starting on the right front. I tried it on, and holy crap, it's cute. And it seems to fit beautifully. As long as the alpaca doesn't stretch too much or do anything weird, we are totally in business.

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