Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just a bit scattered

I've cast on for another sweater. Yeah. Because it was only a good 90 degrees yesterday, and I don't have air conditioning, so CLEARLY it is Sweater Time. This one's another Drops pattern, number 117-43. It's rather adorably adorable, isn't it?

I'm using some light green Plymouth Baby Alpaca that I bought last year:

It's actually much more green and less grey than in that picture. Funny story about this yarn: I bought it to make a short-sleeved sweatery kind of thing to wear over a dress at a wedding last spring. And then I got it home and realized that the bridesmaids would be wearing sage green. Since I didn't want to look like I was trying to be part of the bridal party, I made something else.

However, I'm totally glad I didn't knit this up last year, because I think it's going to be quite perfect for this wee sweater, and I am so entertained by the short rows that I can't believe it. I should have this finished and ready for viewing by this time next week! (I hope it fits.)

As for the Wreck of the Old 97, it carries on, but let's face it, dk weight alpaca is a hell of a lot more pleasant to knit with than big ol' bristly SWS. And I know I'll be able to wear the alpaca sweater as soon as it's finished, because I always get cold in restaurants and stuff, whereas the Old 97 will have to wait for cooler weather to be worn.

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