Saturday, August 29, 2009

getting there . . .

Check that out, y'all. I bought some buttons. FINALLY. I was clever enough to mention to my mom that I needed buttons, and she's like, "Oh hey, there's this button store we can go to." Button STORE, think I? AWESOME. I was just planning to go to JoAnn's.

But no, there's a lovely store (it used to be just buttons, but now it also does a lot of bridal stuff) with lots and lots of cute buttons, and, of course, my mom spotted the right ones right off the bat, way quicker than I would have.

It helps to shop with someone who's been sewing clothes for approximately 45 years.

Now I just have to sew in some ends and sew on some buttons, and YAY I HAVE A SWEATER.

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