Saturday, August 22, 2009

running amok

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Y'all, I have been left unsupervised again, and the running amok has begun.

After I finished my lovely green alpaca sweater (which, yes, still needs buttons, big surprise,) I was doing some cleaning, and I dug out and unraveled some old sweaters.

Oh gee, thought I, I could really use a black lace shawl for when I go to the opera next month! Totally useful, because I always get cold. So I trot around Ravelry for a bit, looking for patterns and such, and I find one I like, the Percy Shawl from A Bit Of Knit. Oooh, thought I, what lovely edging!

And then I looked at it some more, and scoped around at some other people's versions, and I really liked this one, so after my extreme amounts of recycled black laceweight had dried (seriously, folks, the bugs did not chew up the sleeves at all on one turtleneck, and I have approximately 3,000 yards of black merino lurking about my room) I cast on and started knitting.

And then, of course, I decided that I really didn't like chart A all that much--it's nice, but not quite as interesting as I would like, though I am still Totally In Love with the edging.

So here I am, the mathematically challenged, attempting to figure out set-up rows and whatnot for another stitch pattern, and how to make it go in triangular shawl style.

Need I say that I'll keep you posted? You know I will.

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