Tuesday, August 14, 2007

cleaning house

Right. Have been on a mad finishing kick for all of one day. Let's hope it lasts. I've sewn together three complete squares (that's four Garter Crack Squares apiece) of the Garter Crack Blanket, and I think I've got enough blue yarn left to get at least one more done today. This industry is because I've promised myself that if I finish the Crack Blanket, then I can make a Log Cabin blanket. And I think I only have to make between five and seven more whole Crack Squares. I keep messing up on my counts. As we know, I am not a math champion.

And I've done some work on the Leafy Sweater! I'd forgotten how much I like the lace pattern that makes it leafy. I just hope it fits: I think my front has gotten bigger since I started making it. Incentive for this is that I've got some parties I can wear it to in the near future, so it (and I) can be admired by all.

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