Sunday, August 12, 2007


Due to wedding madness, I haven't knit a thing in about two days. And now I can't decide WHAT to knit, though I think, if given a push, I could be convinced to finish up my Pink Leafy Sweater. I do need to get it done before the weather's too cold to wear it. Ooh, and my mom just bought me these pink sandals which would look great with it. So there's incentive, right?

Trouble is, I really kinda want to make another hat. I don't know why I have this hat making fetish. I think it might be because hats are so easy to adapt and mess around with. Maybe I could bust with some fair isle, only I don't think I know anyone who would wear it.

Oh, the trials of being a knitter. Woe is me.

I do wish I had some sock yarn. :(

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Rene' Ardesch said...

Hey, I still need a knit hat for wearing on them cold ass climbs in the sierras. But, it would have to be guy toneish