Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting There!

Barring undetected size-fuckups, the Crack Squares have all been knit! Now it's just crochet-edging and sewing up--and then deciding if the GCSB needs a border. God, I hope not.

I am going to be so psyched when I'm done with this thing. If I spend today holed up in my room watching Doctor Who and crocheting (it's raining and crappy out, so really, what else do I have to do?) I can get this bad boy done . . . well, maybe not quite today, but tomorrow. Hell yeah!

Then I can decide what to make out of all the bits of cotton yarn that are left over from making something out of all my old cotton yarn. So far am contemplating:

a) smallish log-cabin baby blanket
b) rainbow scarf, possibly with matching hat or handwarmers
c) washcloths
d) bonfire (no, I wouldn't really do that. Or would I? I am a bit chilly.)

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Spazzmanda said...

You could always join in on this project- knitting a humungo cover for the gas station in New York!

I'm organizing my group in Georgia to knit some squares here: