Sunday, August 5, 2007

picture pages

And here they are! Billions and billions of pictures. Well, ok, five. Aren't you lucky?

First we have Spawn of Large Blue Stripey, in two fun arrangements:
These guys went off to the Rebuilding Greensburg project, along with some random hats and such. Even though they're acrylic, I kind of love them, and may use the rest of Large Blue Stripey to make a triangle blanky.
And here we have the beginning of the Posh Hat, posing alluringly on a paper bag:
The Posh Hat, by the way, is actually the La Mancha Watchcap, found in a knitting patterns-a-day calendar thingie, designed by JoLene Treace. Am in a hurry, but will post a link to her page later. I've made this pattern about three times. I love it.
This time I did a much wider garter stitch brim, so as to have more rainbow-y colors. I also take out two repeats of the lace pattern, because otherwise it's WAY too big for my head.
And the aerial view. Must go hang out with tall people so they can enjoy it.

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